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Modifying the AimTrak gun controller to add weight.

One of the drawbacks to using the AimTrak gun controller for practice is its light weight. As it comes out of the box the AimTrak is only 8 oz. Using the weight of a couple of Glocks as an example, the loaded weight of the Glock model G19 (compact) is 30 oz. and the model G26 (subcompact) is 26 oz. So, to have the AimTrak feel more like a real gun, you would want to bring the weight up to that range.

Inside the AimTrak there are plenty of empty cavities where weights can be added. To open the gun controller you will need a #1 philips screwdriver to remove the 7 screws holding the two halves together.

I found the #1 philips ideal. Smaller and there was the possibility of stripping the head of the screws. Larger and the shaft of the screw driver would not fit the resessed hole to get to the screw head.

After removing the screws, keep the gun controller flat on the table and gently lift the top half off. Some of the internal pieces may try and come out with the top half. The red button has two small posts to slide it back on if it comes off. The other part to look out for is the circuit board with the camera that is located at the barrel opening. Make sure it is placed in its proper place with the camera pointing out the barrel. The circuit board extension with the camera is designed to be tilted back so don't break it by trying to straighten it up.

To add weight to the gun controller the best substance is lead. Lead fishing weights are readily available. If you do use fishing weights I believe it would be best to use 1/2 to 1 oz. weights as they would be small enough to stack around the obstacles. Also, use the disc or pyramid sinker as they have flat sides are will be less likely to shift inside the gun.

Since I cast my own lead bullets and load my own ammunition, I happen to have lead bullets (.38 sp. SWC in this case) that I used for adding weight. Below you will see the AimTrak with the lead weights in place.
Keep as much of the added weight as possible in the grip and above the axis of the grip..
Check the height of the lead
by placing the top half of the controller back on the make sure it still has room to fit. Make sure lead does not interfere with trigger movement.

These lead weights could have been glued in place but I chose to pack the weights in with modeling clay. For one, I can remove it in the future if I want the change things. For another, the clay will add extra weight.
Check the height of the lead
by placing the top half of the controller back on the make sure it still has room to fit before letting the glue dry or pressing in the clay as done below.

Below shows the modeling clay packed in around the weights. Be sure to keep the clay out of the outer groove where the top half of the controller will be sitting. Scrape any clay out of groove with knife or flat screwdriver if necessary. Keep clay out of the screw hole risers where the top half screw holes will be lining up..
Be very careful to keep clay away from around the trigger to leave plenty of room for it to move when depressed. Press trigger repeatedly as you work around it to check. Use thin knife to press clay away from the trigger area if you need to.
Also, keep clay away from the circuit board at top of trigger to make sure not to interfere with the electrical circuit.
Keep clay at or below the height of the tall screw hole risers so that the top will fit. You can place top half on every once in a while to check the height of clay.

When all is ready, place the top half back on top and secure with the 7 screws. Tighten screws to a snug fit being careful not to strip the plastic screw holes.

The final product weighing in at 26 ounces. Had I wanted to I could have opened the gun back up and added another 3 oz. of lead and 1 oz. of clay to raise the total weight to 30 oz. The gun controller at 26 oz., however, feels very substantial and very real so I left it as is.

Give us feedback with your choice of weights and your experience.

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