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Installing Reflective Static-Cling film on a TV:

In order to use iFightBack® with either a SIRT type laser training pistol or a laser insert in your own weapon on a big screen TV (rather than a projector screen), the TV will first need a reflective material to cover the screen. Projector screens are naturally reflective but TV screens are not and a laser hitting a TV screen will appear to be only a small pin prick of light that the web cam and software will have a hard time recognizing.

Please Note: Two of the plastic films mentioned below are sold as "Static-Cling" film. That makes it sound as if you could just hold it up to a window or TV screen and static electricity would make it adhere to the surface. It does not. It needs a thin layer of water between the TV screen and plastic film in order to adhere. There are precautions to take when using water on a TV that are explained in more detail in the YouTube video listed below.

We have tested three types of plastic films to use as a reflective surface with three different price ranges and different pros and cons.

Instructional video for selecting and applying reflective plastic on TV:

Here is a YouTube video demonstrating the installation and use of these three plastic films https://youtu.be/ADD2-nJt5Ig

The three plastic films demonstrated in the YouTube video are:

1) A very thin and very inexpensive (approx. $3) white plastic from Walmart sold as a party table covering.
Here is the link to the Walmart web page where this plastic is sold.

The Pros for this thin, inexpensive plastic is that it works and it is very cheap at about $3. The Cons are that it tears easily, and, because it is so thin, it is hard to get smooth on the TV screen so that it will usually end up being wrinkled which does not hurt the functionality so much but is unsightly and unprofessional looking.

2) A thick, reasonably priced (approx. $15-$35) "static cling" plastic film from Amazon or Home Depot
Be aware that there is an Adhesive version and a Static-Cling version so make sure you are buying the Static-Cling.
Here is the link to the Amazon web page where this plastic is sold for $15. This is the one we tested.
(Sold without brand name for $15)

Here is a link to the Home Depot web page where this plastic is sold for $35.
(Sold with the "Gila" brand name for $35)

The Pros are that this film is easy to handle, indestructible, does not wrinkle on the TV screen, it works well, and the reasonable price. The Cons are that, being thicker, it darkens the TV screen just a little bit but that may leave a bright edge if the plastic does not cover the TV screen completely. That bright edge could cause "ghost" (fake) shots because the program may calculate that a bright spot along the edge is actually a laser hit. We have modified the program to disregard any suspected laser hits within 10 pixels of the edge but these "ghost" shots may still occur if the gap between the edge of the TV screen and where the plastic ends is too big.

3) A thin, stiffer, more expensive (approx. $79 for a 60" TV) "static-cling" film from DecorativeFilm.com
Be aware that there is an Adhesive version and a Static-Cling version so make sure you are buying the Static-Cling.
Here is a link to DecorativeFilm web page where this plastic is sold.
(Sold as SOLYX brand at 48" wide and $16 per running foot. item SX-SC0314)

The Pros are that it works very well and being more ridged it lays flat on the TV screen. The Cons are the high price and, being ridged, it will crease easily. Creases in the plastic will not come out. Therefor it has to be handled carefully and stored carefully.

Introduction to using iFightBack® on a big screen TV.
You can see the use of the very inexpensive ($2 to $3) white plastic film on this YouTube demonstrating the use of a laser on a big screen TV. That white plastic works and it is very inexpensive but it leaves a lot to be desired as far as appearance in a professional setting.

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