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Notes about USB Cameras

Not all USB Cameras are the same:

For many reasons the webcam built into your laptop cannot be used with iFightBack. It needs to be a stand-alone USB webcam.

The webcam we recommend when using a visible red laser cartridge or SIRT training pistol is the Logitech C920/C920S or higher.
Here is a link to the Logitech C920S on BestBuy for $70
Here is a link to the Logitech C922 on BestBuy for $100
Here is a link to the Logitech Pro on BestBuy for $130
(the lesser C615 works OK but not work as well as the models listed above)
Here is a link to the Logitech C615 on BestBuy for $59

NOTE: For using iFightBack with an invisible Infrared (IR) laser you have to have an IR camera such as our iFightBack IR USB Camera for $80. Regular webcams cannot see the invisible IR light. Our iFightBack IR camera can be used for both visible red laser or invisible infrared laser.


From the outside one webcam may seem as if it would do just as well and another webcam. What you don't see and what the camera's web site will rarely tell you, is the specifications of what controls are programmatically adjustable and how many levels within each control there are. For instance, the Logitech C920 has 256 levels of Gain control and 256 levels of Brightness levels for the program to work with. Some low end cameras, on the other hand, may have only 7 levels of Gain control or none at all. These same low end cameras may have only 10 levels of Brightness control. Unless your room lighting is ideal and you have perfectly adjusted the Brightness settings on your projector or T.V., these low end cameras just do not have the capability to be adequately adjusted. The AUKEY PC-LM1E webcam is one example of a webcam with too few controls to work properly with iFightBack.

Other than our iFightBack IR Camera the only other brand that we are aware of is the IR cameras by LASR. If you already have a LASR IR camera, one model will not work at all with the iFightBack software and the other will not work very well. They have two versions and we were told that their original version, which they now call the Classic Advanced Camera, will only work with their software. Their new camera, which they call the LASR Advanced Camera, will work with other software and we purchased one to test. What we discovered is that the camera was limited in the internal controls used to adjust the camera's brightness, exposure, and gain. For that reason, iFightBack was not able to work very well with the LASR Advanced Camera when more than minimum adjusting was necessary.

There are also some cameras that were built when Windows XP or Windows 7 were dominant that will not work on Windows 10 without installing a new Windows 10 driver if it exists.

Obviously we are not able to test every webcam on the market. However, as we get feedback from our customers we continue to add warnings within the program to let you know when your selected camera may have problems working with iFightBack. If you are having problems, contact us.

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