Notes about Laser Training Cartridges

Variations in Laser Cartridges

Not all Laser Training Cartridges are the same:

When shooting Laser Videos or Laser Targets, iFightBack requires a laser cartridge that has a built-in extended pulse time of at least 40 milliseconds. In other words, the laser light will stay on for at least 40ms after the firing pin as hit the cartridge pad. We have discovered that the laser in the Pink Rhino, G-Sight, and iTarget (aka iDryFire) laser training cartridges is only on for as long as the firing pin is still pressing on the rubber pad at the back of the cartridge. As you can imagine, this is so fast as to be almost instantaneous. Long enough for your eye to see but not necessarily a camera. SIRT training pistol lasers stay on until you release the trigger which is obviously longer than 40ms so they work fine with iFightBack. SIRT IR lasers, however, do have extended pulse time options of 44ms, 64ms, and higher. You should select the 64ms options just to make sure.

The problem is that, with a camera running at between 24 frames per second and 30 fps, the camera takes a still snapshot at a very fast rate and then waits for approx. 40ms until it takes another snapshot. If the camera takes a snapshot and then a very fast laser hits the screen and then turns off before the next snapshot is taken, that laser hit will go un-detected by the camera and, therefore, by the program. Consequently, you will see a lot of missed shots.

Our iFightBack red laser cartridges have a 200ms extended pulse time. From what we understand Laser-Ammo (SureStrike) cartridges normally have a <40ms extended pulse, Taryag is 50ms, Laserhit is 50ms, and LaserLyte is 100ms. As we mentioned, Pink Rhino, G-Sight, and iTarget have no extended pulse time and will not work well with iFightBack. Of course these specs may change and/or we may have incorrect information so, if you are unsure and your supplier does not mention it on their web page, write to the them and ask.

For invisible infrared (IR) laser cartridges, our iFightBack invisible IR laser cartridges have a 50ms extended pulse time.
Note: When using Invisible Infrared (IR) Laser Cartridges, you must also use an IR Camera.
(See When is it better to use a visible red laser or an invisible infrared (IR) laser)

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