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Download the file iFightBack_Installer_v2-1-15.exe using the [Download Now] button below.

Once you have downloaded the installer you should copy the file into its own directory such as C:\iFightBack. You can then run the iFightBack_Installer_v2-1-xx.exe to install iFightBack on your computer..

NOTE: Keep this iFightBack_Installer_v2-1-xx.exe on your computer where you have copied it to because any future updates via the program's Help Menu -> Check for updates will need to know where the original install file is located.

System Requirements:   When using a USB webcam and laser cartridges (or SIRT type training pistol) your computer's processor (CPU) speed should be at least 2.0GHz, however, 2.4GHz or above is recommended.

Additional items needed: You can basically check out how iFightBack works by just using your mouse to click on targets or bad guys if you want. However, to truly use iFightBack the way it was intended, you have several options.

1) You can use a light gun game controller, such as the AimTrak which we sell, and a big screen TV or projector and screen. (see YouTube video)

2) You can use an inexpensive USB webcam and a laser insert in your own weapon or a SIRT type laser training pistol for dry fire target practice using your own targets. (see YouTube video)

3) You can use an inexpensive USB webcam and a laser insert in your own weapon or a SIRT type laser training pistol and either a big screen TV or a projector and screen to practice the whole range of simulation based scenarios. (for use with projector see YouTube video) (for use with big screen TV see YouTube video)

The webcam we recommend is the Logitech C920 which is only about $60 on Amazon.

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Also see our Help page at

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1) Save File to your hard drive.

2) Copy File to its own directory.

3) Run File to install program on your computer.

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