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The iFightBack Actors Page

We are looking for actors in the Houston, Texas area:

We are also looking for filming locations such as filling stations, convience stores, liquor stores, houses, parking lots, and offices that would agree to let us film.

To produce the videos that will make up the iFightBack Virtual Practice Video library we need actors with some innate acting ability and, even better, some acting experience (optional).

As you will see from the short demo clips below, we will need actors to play both good guys and bad guys. In the real world there are no stereotypes. Bad guys can be male or female, young or old, big or small and of any ethnicity. We will not be selecting actors based on appearance because, in the real world, bad guys don't decide to be bad guys based on the way they look.

It goes without saying that no real guns will be used in filming. The guns you will see in the cllips below are all props.

The scenes to be shot will be short and not necessarily require dialogue. The same scene, however, will need to be shot multiple times with different endings so that the computer program can stitch them together depending on the action of the Point Of View (POV) shooter.

The YouTube clips below are parts of actual screen captures while shooting a scenario.

To start our examples, here is a clip of a demo scene with a Bad Guy (BG) at the end of a hallway. A Good Guy (GG) comes out of a middle room between the BG and the POV shooter. This first clip shows what happens when the POV shooter does not hit either the GG or the BG. The POV shooter, consequently, dies at the end having missed the BG.

YouTube: Bad Guy never hit. (Use browser's Back button to return.)

Here is the same scene but the way it would play out if the POV shooter hits the GG accidentally but continues to miss the BG. Again, missing the BG, the POV shooter dies at the end.

YouTube: Good Guy hit. Bad Guy never hit. (Use browser's Back button to return.)

Yet again here is the same scene but with the POV shooter accidentally hitting the GG first but then finally hitting the BG.

YouTube: Good Guy hit then Bad Guy hit. (Use browser's Back button to return.)

And finally here is the same scene but where the POV shooter shoots past the GG hitting the BG.

YouTube: Bad Guy hit. (Use browser's Back button to return.)

Here is another demo clip showing the result of what we call the Wack-A-Mole Scenario. In this case there is only one BG at a time. What you do not see by viewing this clip is that the sequence of events is a random sequence generated by the program at run-time. In other words, when the user selects the Wack-A-Mole scenario the first BG may be at the end of the hall, the living room, the middle room of the hall, standing at the bedroom door when you open it, or any other position. The second BG could then be from any of these places as well and so on. The idea is that you would never be quiet sure where a BG could be coming from no matter how many times you select the Wack-A-Mole scenario or any other scenario. As in the real world. You never know so you need to be prepared.

YouTube: Wack-A-Mole scenario (Use browser's Back button to return.)
last updated 07/13/2017