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The Self-Defense Software Examples Page

Examples using Laser Insert in a real weapon or a SIRT training pistol on Projector Screen and/or big screen TV:

YouTube: Example of new Active Shooter drill (covid-19 version) using photo realistic popup targets instead of live actors (Use browser's Back button to return.)


YouTube: Example of one of the new Traffic Stop Scenarios for LE
showing a few variations:
(Use browser's Back button to return.)


YouTube: A short look at a few new exercises added to the iFightBack library
including the ones above
(Use browser's Back button to return.)


Examples using AimTrak USB Light Gun on big screen TV:

The YouTube clips below are parts of actual screen captures while shooting a scenario.

Note: All Screen Captures below were done shooting with a USB Light Gun and having selected a red dot cursor. Normally it would be recommended to shoot with no cursor unless your defense weapon has a rail laser that you want to emulate.

The sequence of events in any scenario are randomly called up so that, if a scenario is run again, the events and sequences would probably not be the same.

The first example shows a series of short clips demonstrating how a scenario run multiple times can have different bad guys showing up in different places each time.

YouTube: Examples Live Action using USB Light Gun (Use browser's Back button to return.)

Here is a different type of scenario. This shows a single run through of a "Hogan's Alley" scenario. The real Hogan's Alley is part of the F.B.I. training facility in Quantico, VA using popup targets in Shoot or Don't Shoot scenarios.

YouTube: Hogan's Alley using USB Light Gun. (Use browser's Back button to return.)

Here is another type of scenario that can be used for target practice with moving targets. These are moving steel targets. You can select to have 1, 2, or 3 moving targets at the same time. You can also select the distance of the targets and the speed at which they move.

YouTube: Moving Steel target examples using USB Light Gun. (Use browser's Back button to return.)

And finally here are Silhouette and Bulls Eye targets at 3, 5, 7 and 9 yards.

YouTube: Paper Targets. (Use browser's Back button to return.)

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