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"Practice as if your life depended on it."

  • "You never know when."
  • "So be prepared."
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  • "You just never know."
  • "So just be prepared."

Welcome To iFightBack (by Self-Defense Software)

The First Interactive Firearms
Training Simulator for Home Use.

  Interactive firearms training simulators have been used for years to train military and police because it offers a realistic but safe way to practice responding to dangerous situations. US House Resolution 487 officially recognized Modeling and Simulation (M&S) as a National Critical Technology. Simulators have also recently become popular at commercial gun ranges. Now for the first time, with iFightBack, you can use interactive video technology to practice personal and home defense in your own home without the $50 or more per hour cost at gun ranges. Now you can practice as long as you want, whenever you want, rain or shine.

  According to an NTSA study requested by the Congressional Modeling & Simulation Caucus "...simulation training applications improve performance, save lives and compress the time required to develop skills. In some cases, simulators can even provide more effective training than other methods can."

  If you own a gun for personal and/or home defense, the need to practice is critical. Going to the range to shoot at paper targets is necessary to acquire certain shooting skills but that is not enough to prepare yourself for a potential life or death shooting incident. iFightBack presents a variety of interactive video simulations depicting such life threatening possibilities as home invasions, muggings, carjackings, and more. It also includes interactive videos to practice Shoot / Don't Shoot (threat assessment) scenarios and moving steel and gun range targets for sight picture, stance, and grip practice.

  iFightBack interactive scenarios have multiple variations so that each time you run a scenario it will change keeping you on your toes not knowing what will come next.

  iFightBack scenarios can be recorded in real time so they can be played back shot by shot to better analyze your performance and shot placement. A statistical report can also be generated at the end of each run giving you such statistics of how many shots you fired, how many missed vs. how many were fatal, how many shots were fired at you, were any Good Guys hit, etc.

System Requirements:

  iFightBack is for Windows computers. It can be run on Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10 either 32 bit or 64 bit.

  When using a USB Webcan for Dry Fire using Laser Cartridges your computer's processor (CPU) speed should be at least 2.0GHz. 2.4GHz or above is recommended.

Laser Training Cartridge for Reactive Dry Fire practice in your home or office:

  The IFightBack Laser Training Cartridge can be used for reactive "Dry Fire" practice in your own home or office with your own firearm(s). The rubber snap cap at the rear of the cartridge protects the firing pin and a red laser dot indicates shot placement.

  Using the iFightBack interactive training software you can practice drawing from concealment with both the 5-Step Draw Drill or Quick Draw that give you instant vocal feedback and records Shot Placement along with Times and Split Times. Other practice sessions allow you to practice proper stance, grip, sight acquisition, sight placement, trigger and , breath control as if at the shooting range but without the high cost of ammo.

  Almost no gun range will allow you to practice drawing from concealment and for sure no gun range will let you start your draw with your back to the target, turn, and fire. Drawing your weapon from a holster or purse when the threat (target) is in front, behind, or to the side of you is a skill that needs to be practiced to commit the motions to muscle memory. iFightBack software with Laser Training Cartridges allows you to practice safely at home any time. (YouTube) screen capture

Gun Controller needed for shooting Interactive video scenarios:

  We will be modifying iFightBack to use the Laser Training Cartridge in the near future but for now to shoot the iFightBack interactive video scenarios a PC compatible gun controller should be used. Although any PC compatible gun controller can be used we recommend and sell the AimTrak Light Gun by Ultimarc. It is one of the only PC gun controllers which we have found that is at least close to the look of a real gun giving a more realistic feel to the practice sessions. (See Help -> Modify AimTrack for ideas to augment the look and feel of the AimTrak gun controller.)

Big Screen TV:

  Although you could shoot these interactive scenarios using your computer's monitor they are really meant to be shot using a large screen TV. If you install iFightBack on a laptop computer it is a relatively simple matter of connecting the laptop to the TV using the TV as the laptop's optional monitor. Although more cumbersome, you could also move your desktop computer over to the TV. and use it. (See Help -> Connect Computer to TV for help with any needed cables.)

Projector can also be used:

  For instructors who have projection systems the iFightBack Interactive Video Scenarios can also shot using the projection screen.

More Help pages and instructional videos will follow soon.

"Si vis pacem, para bellum". (If you want peace, prepare for war.)


Using iFightBack to teach threat assessment, sight acquisition, and safe gun handling.

(YouTube) iFightBack in classroom setting... (see Examples page for more.)

These short clips, captured from the screen, shows a just some of the inter-active videos.

(YouTube) Some short screen captures... (see Examples page for more.)

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